Sustainability & Creatives for Future

Thank you Greta for motivating us in 2019 with your TED talk and your appeal to "act now" to become active in climate protection.

That is why Creatives for Future Germany was initiated as a grassroots movement. In addition, we are constantly working on becoming more sustainable as an agency and additionally supporting our clients in acting more sustainably as well.

Sustainability at Neue Formation

We have the goal of becoming climate neutral in 2022.

We train our employees in this topic.

We actively approach our customers about it.

We purchase 100% green electricity and 100% biogas from Bürgerwerke. The biogas is produced from organic waste generated during the processing of sugar beet.

We have committed ourselves to not accepting contracts from companies that have a strong negative impact on the climate crisis and have signed the Clean Creatives Pledge for this.

We put the planet before profit and have therefore signed the F1RST THINGS F1RST manifesto.

We prefer to take the bike or public transport rather than the car

We use our hardware for as long as possible and also buy it second-hand

We like to cook fresh, seasonal, vegetarian or vegan food during our lunch break

Both professionally and privately, we do a lot of advertising for our cause and always donate our creativity to charitable projects such as Omas for Future and, of course, our own initiative, Creatives for Future Germany.

Pledge of the Clean Creatives

We have committed to not accepting contracts from companies that have a strong negative impact on the climate crisis, e.g. energy companies with more than 50% fossil fuels. To this end, we have signed the Clean Creatives Pledge: "We will decline any future contracts with fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups."


We have the Manifesto from F1RST THINGS F1RST signed and put the planet before profit.

Sustainable Web Manifesto

We have signed the Sustainable Web Manifesto and advocate for an environmentally friendly internet.

Foundation of Creatives for Future Germany

At the beginning of 2020, we founded Creatives for Future Munich together with other creatives. By now, we have grown into a nationwide climate initiative, Creatives For Future Germany. Together with more than 150 other designers and communication experts, we are fighting to put sustainability at the centre of people's and companies' decision-making and to set an example in the creative industry.

We support the following topics at Creatives for Future:

Visual Communication

We support various environmental organisations and scientists in communicating facts clearly, linguistically and visually.

Climate quiz from Omas for Future
Psychology tips from Klima Depressiva

Climate psychology

On Instagram, we explain to creatives the findings from psychology and studies and show them how to get citizens to act.


We work together with the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and implement climate crisis communication projects there.

We participate in the following working groups with Creatives For Future Germany:


The creative industry emits relatively little CO2. However, it causes considerable damage by supporting climate-damaging companies through intentional or unintentional greenwashing. Here we will do more education and point out negative examples.

Theory of Change

We are working on looking at the climate crisis holistically and to solve it. To do this, we will use the Theory of Change. In the Theory of Change, long-term goals are defined and then the necessary preconditions are identified.


There are similar initiatives in the USA, England, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria. We network with the following groups:
Creatives for the Future (ES)
Clean Creatives (USA)
Climate Designers (USA)
Creatives for Climate (NL, NZ)

Follow Creatives for Future Germany and become part of the movement

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Sustainably acting clients of Neue Formation

Deutscher Alpenverein Muenchen und Oberland

Mountain sports association for Munich and the surrounding area. Works to preserve the mountain ecosystem in the long term.

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Jugend des Deutschen Alpenvereins (jdav)

Youth organisation of the german mountain sports association. Loves the mountains, nature and nature sports, promotes the personal development of young people, encourages social commitment, thinks sustainably and acts in an environmentally conscious way.

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Moebel Compagnie

Sustainable furniture manufacture

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Vegan organic ice cream manufacture from Munich

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Living in harmony with nature e.V.

Association for Environmental and Climate Protection

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Gmadhe Wiesn Foundation

Promotes regional environmental initiatives in upper Bavaria around the topics of nature, hunting, sustainable horse management and agriculture.

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Acara Silva

Sustainable furniture manufacture

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Stefan Bergmeier

Owner Neue Formation GmbH
Head of Creatives For Future Germany

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