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The Museum's New Clothes. Digital.

The time has come: the Augsburg State Textile and Industrial Museum, or "tim" for short , has a new look - online.

The tim enables us to learn from the past and reflect better on current challenges. Overconsumption, globalization, solidarity, business ethics and the changing world of work already played a role back then.

As is natural for a museum, visitors can experience this information actively - on site - and that is exactly what the website should do: reflect the tims' world of experience online.

This was precisely the challenge and our task: when relaunching the website, we did everything we could to create precisely this incentive online to experience the museum and want to visit it. Live. 

It was very important to us to take a holistic approach to this relaunch: Functionality, user experience, accessibility, content maintenance, programming, corporate design, search engine optimization and data protection

Visitors to the website should enter the world of textile history through a clear structure, ease of use, modern design and an inviting combination of text and moving images.

Of course, programming and finding a suitable CMS played a central role. Taking all requirements into account, the decision was made in favor of WordPress and an individually programmed theme that we developed in-house especially for "tim".

When it comes to data protection, we do not use Google Analytics and have tried to reduce cookies to a minimum. 

The website was designed, implemented and tested in-house without barriers - an absolutely relevant component for us when implementing digital projects. 

It was also important to us to create an environmentally friendly website, i.e. to minimize the loading time and load large images and videos efficiently using modern formats and technology. Climate-neutral hosting is also part of this.
Parallel to the website relaunch, we also designed and programmed the matching newsletter. All in all, a well-rounded project.

We modernized the corporate design as part of this website redesign. The color change, which focuses on a contrast of black and white, is most noticeable here. But it also deliberately dispenses with accent colors. The logo and the corporate typeface "Avenir Next" were retained as the basis.

We think it's something to be proud of.
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