Netflix/Wiedemann & Berg

Tribes of Europa  

After a mysterious catastrophe, Europe in the year 2074 is divided into countless small tribes. Some of these tribes fight fiercely for supremacy on the continent. In this post-apocalyptic world, three siblings must face countless dangers to fight for their freedom.

After an exciting international pitch, we also became part of the Tribes of Europa team and were able to realise the title sequence for Netflix/Wiedemann & Berg. 

Design Process

The series by creator and showrunner Philip Koch has an impressive visual spectrum, which we included in the design process of the title sequence. We realized the rough world of the Tribes in an iconographic bracket - bold and direct.

Title sequences that are longer than 10 seconds get the option to be skipped on Netflix. In "Tribes of Europa", it should remain an integral part of the story, so the length was set at 9 seconds, 20 frames. Short title sequences reflect the trend in the series business. They are not an end in themselves, but part of the big picture.

Sketch "Storm"

Sketch "Apocalypse"

Sketch "Particles"

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